Bye tree :)


The maple tree in the city centre of Tilburg is gone. Big protests, like hippies climbing into the tree, didn’t stop the local gouvernment. ‘To prevent any violence’ the tree was cut down in the middle of the night. Very sneaky. The local gouvernment has plans to rearrange the square the tree was on. The Tilburgers are angy and demand a new maple.

ZXZW doesn’t really care about trees. We support the development of giant silver oxygen creating towers.



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6 responses to “Bye tree :)

  1. Smolders was ook voor de boom.

  2. Goh, die boom leeft wel heel erg in Tilburg. niet?

    oh nee, niet meer…

  3. Die boom maakt wel veel los in Tilburg!

    Vooral zichzelf dan

  4. Hoor de wind waait door de bomen…

  5. Het was duidelijk geen kerstboom…

  6. dyon

    onze eigen anna frank boom:(

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