I wish I was Sten Ove Toft….



Vilnius toilet

Vilnius toilet

…or Wouter “I’m only going to play big venues” Jaspers. Our 2 noise protagonists are currently touring in the Eastern parts of Europe. Yesterday they played the beautiful city of Vilnius. This was their toilet. Hope Riga will treat you better, guys!


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4 responses to “I wish I was Sten Ove Toft….

  1. ooohh myyyy gooooddd!!!!!

  2. nice…
    at times like these we need smell-o-vision 🙂

  3. People were seriously using it to piss in, as you can see. I took the time to piss outside. Phil Monopolka had diarrea that night, he was fucked.

    Besides the toilet we had a great night, but this situation you can call eeh: shitty? Luckily we slept somewhere else… Now we’re heading off to the well-funded, poshy, scandinavian countries again…. yeah!

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