Free tickets for Dirk Serries / Fear Falls Burning show in Paradox


Wednesday, december 3rd, our bestest of best friends Dirk Serries (aka Fear Falls Burning) will de a very special show in Paradox, Tilburg. This evening, he will present his new album “Microphonics” on the Rotterdam based quality label Tonefloat. Expect top notch analog guitar drones, the man has been doing it for 20 years or so, and has been of major influence to a lot of contemporary drone-acts, such as Sunn O))), Nadja, Asva, etc. However, don’t expect heavy droning like Fear Falls Burning or the aforementioned acts.  Here’s what the press has te say about it:

dirk serries has never shied away from leaps of faith. a decade ago, he stunned the ambient scene with an incisive twist to his personal style on the classic the river of appearance” and in 2005, he shed the renowned moniker of vidnaObmana, replacing it with the immersive guitar eruptions of his latest incarnation fear falls burning. on microphonics, he has now taken his boldest step yet. defying superimposed concepts and pseudonyms, he returns with the first material under his own name and at his most personal and vulnerable. for years, serries has experimented with spontaneous guitar improvisations over a continuous atmospheric drone. initially intended as a means of rehearsing and developing ideas, these sessions were never intended to be released officially . over time, however, serries came to realize that these painstakingly pristine and painfully pure pieces constituted the very essence of his musicality, the foundation of what makes him “tick” as an artist. composed of a minimal array of delicately attuned and interrelated themes, the music develops through the continuously shifting relations of its constituent currents. because of this outward simplicity, microphonics has turned out a work of great intimacy and immediacy, a yearning sonic breath which seamlessly fuses the elliptic ambient worlds of vidnaObmana with the dark mysticism of fear falls burning: this latest leap of faith is the sound of the morning awakening, of the day dreaming and the night speaking in its sleep.

You can witness this unique show, if you sent an email to contest [at] with an anwer to the following question:

What’s the name of the latest Fear Falls Burning album?


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