Message from Gameboy Hein


Gameboy Hein was elected as the coolest person of 2008. He beat style icons like Patchman Marco, Lil Wayne and Otto von Schirach. See the full list right here. Despite his busy schedule he was able to answer some questions:

Gameboy Hein, how do you feel about being named the coolest person on planet Earth in 2008?
I’m really flattered, with so many other cool people in the list. This really means a lot to me. I’ve worked hard all year to become what I am right now and want to thank all the cool people who voted for me.

Why do you think you got so many votes?.
Because I’m Mr. Cool’s reincarnation.

What’s the coolest thing you own?
A Phillips beardtrimmer.

Who is your cool icon?
Ted de Braak

Does cool even matter?
Like my old friend scooter once said: “It’s cool to be nice, but it’s way nicer to be the coolest person on planet Earth!”

Thank you!


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