Subbacultcha tonight at 013

Hey indie kinds. These Are Powers, The Moi Non Plus and Bonne Aparte are doing a small Dutch tour together.

BONNE APARTE are a six piece art/noise punk collective from outter Friesland. They mix Beefheart’s insanity with shellac type grooves and like to shake their hips while doing so. Live they tend to ripp you apart and put you back together in a mere 25 minutes, their violence is real, their songs are for singing.

THE MOI NON PLUS are a loud uncompromised duo from Amsterdam, combining drums, guitar, samples and vocals into loud energy driven art/noise rock refering to band like LIARS, The Lapse & Sonic Youth. Releasing their debut album on Subbacultcha! on October 6th, followed by tours in Spain, Holland, the UK, America and Germany .

THESE ARE POWERS are Pat Noecker’s new band, who played bass on LIAR’s debut album They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top. Strangely enough that was the band’s most traditional record to date. After Noecker left the band, Liars became one of THE most influencial progressive bands of their time. But Noecker didn’t leave the band to start some sort of post punk emo band, he decided to create some sick shit of his own.


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