Money Talks, AC/DC Walks

As some of you might have noticed, there are some things going on in the financial world at the moment. Some might call it a crisis or a recession. The reason for this crisis to appear now, is completely plausible of your read this article, on AC/DC.  Since there’s no such thing as coincidence, let’s blame it on AC/DC releasing Black Ice.

Highway to hell

1973: AC/DC form in Sydney, Australia.
Economy: Start of the oil crisis, which saw the price quadruple

1980: AC/DC release breakthrough album Back In Black
Economy: Inflation in UK reaches 20% and unemployment nears 2 million

1990: AC/DC score comeback with The Razor’s Edge
Economy: Recession in UK imminent

2008: AC/DC top UK album charts
Economy: Biggest world recession in decades looms


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