The Shape Of Breakcore… Continues!

the dutch breakcore organisations never stop.. here’s an overview of some cool party’s for the next 3 weeks:

The Return Of Wreck Havoc

[24-10-08] Waterfront, Rotterdam

DJ Moonraker, Bizzy B, FFF, King Pin, Assassin, Newk, DJ Thrust


Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot

[01-11-08] Unitas, Wageningen

Amboss, Apzolut, Nano.strike, Feragga, King Pin, Bart Hard, Psychetek, SpKrFkR, StereoKenetic, Sander, Dthy & Joost

Wirwar vs Crackbeats

[07-11-08] 013 – Kleine Zaal + Batcave, Tilburg

Christoph Fringeli, Society Suckers, Syntheme, Wasted Acid Force, Rioteer, Sah Selecter, Vince The Prince, Paul, DMDN, Singularity, Wout & Typhique


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