Iceland Airwaves: Day 3

(Pre: photo’s up soon in this blog)

Today we lunched at the Subway. A fast food sandwich restaurant from America. It’s not the only American influence. There are many. Just to name af few:
– People pay with credit card a lot. Merchandise, postcards and beers in a bar
– There are a lot of SUV’s. But here they need to, in the USA they want to
– Gasoline is cheap(er) than in the rest of Europe
– People are more exuberant
– The money smells pretty much the same as dollars
– They have Taco Bell. I’m jealous. I think I’m gonna move here
– Drinks are big. They normally start at 0,5l

I’d prefer living in Iceland more than linving in the USA, since I think people here are more ‘real’, not playing some kind of role I sometimes think some Americans do.
Butt wel, we’re still in Reykjavik, don’t we? After the Subway lunch we went to get tickets for the Blue Lagoon party, which is actually in a few hours. We tried to get in for free but yet we had to pay. Then we did a little sightseeing tour throug Reykjavik. Saw the harbor, some nice restaurants, a few churches (outside and inside),  the Concert and conference hall. The last one was being built and will be ready in 2009, but it looks amazing on the informationsigns.

After a few hours walk we want back to the hostel to get a bit of rest. Around 6 we left to Kaffibarrin, a bar owned by Damon Albarn of Blur and The Gorillaz. After a beer we decided to have some diner, and picked an Italian restaurant called.. Italia. It’s recommended by Lonely Planet so you won’t be lonely in there. I had Union Soup and Ravioli Al Porcini. Both were great. We had a coffee and then went to the city centre for the festival. The Organ venue is getting kind of our home base, so we went there first, not knowing what’s playing. And so we saw Planingtorock from the UK. A nice one-man act with a girl acting a bit like Róisín Murphy. It was interesting to watch.

Walking through the rain we went to the Reykjavik Art Museum. Glad we have a press-pass so we could skip the 100 meter queue and enter the venue. Here’s the Icelandic band Seabear performing. A nice folk/indie band, well composed and some beautiful women innit. They did some support shows for Sigur Rós. It’s cool, hope they come to Europe soon!

A typical British band is These New Puritans playing at NASA. Some nice electronics mixed with indie and a frontman with a ‘flowerpot hair-cut’. But hey! That’s OK. They’re cool. We took a little walk to the Museum for the Danish band Munich, who were still soundchecking when we arrived. Iceland was the first country the five-piece band had a hit with their single ‘The Young Ones’. A good gig, nice variation in the songs and a beautiful brunette as lead singer.

Back to NASA for White Denim (US). Didn’t know them, but Rob tipped so we went there. And I’m glad we did! One of the best acts I’ve seen this festival yet! Great variaton, great (jazz-)drums and a good amount of rock-‘n-roll! Visit ZXZW next year. Please!

We stayed at NASA for the Icelandic Motion Boys. Their music is based on some late 80s glamrock and they’re quite popular; the whole venue was packed. Don’t really know where the hype is coming from, since it wasn’t that good. But at least the fans had fun 🙂
Another Icelandic act at NASA is Ultra Mega Technobandið Stefán. Mix Aux Raus with some electronic sounds, a bit of Goose and some Eurocore and you have this band. Some crazy dudes on stage, an exploding crowd and lyrics foreign visitors won’t understand mostly. Does it matter? No. There’s a party going on. Join it!

Anytime we were outside the Reykjavik Art Museum we saw the queue at the entrance of the  Tunglið club. We haven’t been in there since there weren’t any special acts performing, but now there is. You might know the song ‘Never Be Alone‘ from the French Justice, but the song originally came from Simian Mobile Disco. Justice entered a competition for remixing the song, but didn’t win. Well, we didn’t hear this song (maby he already played it when we arrived or we left the building too early), but th DJ-skils were fantastic of the guy standing behind the turn tables, playing huge disco-hit-remixes (like ‘It’s the Beat’) and own productions. One of the better dj’s I’ve seen lately!

Time to go home and sleep. 3.30pm.


One thought on “Iceland Airwaves: Day 3

  1. Hey Erik!

    Leuk stukje, lijkt me een bijzondere ervaring, zo in IJsland. Eén verbetering: Never be alone is niet van Simian Mobile Disco, maar van de band Simian. Dat is de band waar leden van Simian Mobile Disco vroeger inzaten.

    Het nummer van Simian heet ‘Never be alone’, maar de remix van Justice heet ‘We are your friends’. En zo heet dan ook weer het album van Simian waar ‘Never be alone’ vanaf komt 🙂

    Dit is het origineel van Never be alone van Simian

    Ook leuk is bijvoorbeeld Skin:

    Of LA Breeze:


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