Polish visitor on ZXZW

Come after me? I have to Szczecin from 1000 kilosow! Completely out of the way I was.

Bibsko good, only by that for many of these scenes, especially with the second hand does not have been close to each other, hardly stop was to see and decide. For this wad of tickets, which it turned out, were only in advance! In the end managed to knock in a free, but a late hour by which overlooked the best sets, and naturally also MASE. With this, on what happens zalapalam – Ladyscraper, LFO Demon and Judith Priest – of which the last two also gave zajebisty show, especially ksiedzunio, hehehe. In the Batcave total chaos, at times to dance, and sometimes just sitting at the bar, many news nieslyszanych before, certainly not been boring, although not always in my taste. Tez was done, Green lapa in action and stage diving big_smile
Curious to nations, those Dutch, and May niefajny habit konczyc by 4 am. If she could not be, so instead they all played one after the other, and for that to some sensowniejeszej date.
Plus a sound system in the 013, a big minus for breweries with water.
Dupe move was worthwhile, but it really is thought he will be otherwise (or better).

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