Kill emo kill

an emo kid

An emo-kid commited suicide after listening to My Chemical Romance. We understand, it’s the worst band ever.


Emo kids think they’re death metal. In fact, they’re not.


40 thoughts on “Kill emo kill

  1. yesterday i ate a sandwich martino after listening to tim hecker

    a martino sandwich :
    filet americain

  2. mcr is AMAZING what are you talking about?
    maybe this kid had other problems.
    i listen to mcr everyday and guess what? i’m still alive.

  3. it is really funny when you try to make us emos bad !
    you laugh at us because you don´t like our haircuts ,you think we are depressive and we hurt ourselves ,but look ,there are so many people in this fucking world who are depressive and which are not emos.
    go on like your going but leave us alone.

  4. people souldnt laugh at us emos just cuz are hair is different and MCR is like one of hte awesomest bands ever. What most people dont relize is that were sorta people and we have a limit to what we can take its probly not MCR that made the kid kill himself it mostlikly people who wouldnt stop picking on him cuz he was different. so dont go blaming a band for other peoples doing.

  5. yea umm excuse me! can i ask, that piccy u have there, r u trying to say that’s the kid that commited suicide? Cause it isn’t, he’s one of my best friends, Craig. And MCR are not crap or rubbish, death metal and most metal is crap, all you hear is screaming. And those stupid beats?? WTF?? I admit i like Iron maidon and Metallica and shizzle but serioulsy some of u guys need to get some good music taste!! (not the ones who like MCR) =] xx

  6. wat the fuck is with u guys??? ok I am not an emo, I dont know any1 who is emo & I dont know wat its like 2 b emo… some ppl hate lives & others love their lives, let emo’s b… if they dont want any help THEN LEAVE THEM… if they want hurt themselves THEN LEAVE THEM!!! ITS THERE CHIOCE

  7. i would say that looks wise i would fall into the catergory of emo.

    i am in a tech metal/deathcore band, and i am on vox.

    i listen regulary to the likes of carnifex, annotations of an autopsy, bleeding through, arsonist’s get all the girls.

    i dont see how labeling someone because of there dress sense affects what music they listen to.

    MCR are crap in my eyes, a media sell out, but i have no problem with people who listen to it!

    the people who started this are narrow minded pricks

  8. Nobody commits suicide because of a rock band, so why blame MCR? Anyway, I listen to My Chemical Romance constantly, and that doesn’t make be emo, nor make me want to kill myself. Just because they have lyrics that even mean anything, and they have music with feeling, why would it make them emo? It’s better than any computerized, cheap, souless crap that some people call music.

  9. all you people ever care about is discriminating us emos. just leave us alone. if u feel as though u wanna talk about us like “bleep” dont its friggin annoying. walking out on the street and people looking and staring at you as if you are stark naked. we are all human beings. call me ugly call me fat. just because we dont love the world as much as anyone else. just because we dont like ourselfs as much as we can. DOSENT MAKE US DIFFERENT. so all you stupid discriminating people. GO SCREW YOURSELVES!!!!

  10. hey i listen to MCR and im not EMO and im still ALIVE… the kind of problem that kid had was prolly long b4 he listened to mcr… so maybe people should look of the other problem tht kid had b4 blaming MCR

  11. Listening to emo made me come out of the closet. A huge thanks to everyone in the emo scene – you know who you are!

  12. Hi all,
    Just a quick reply on the comments above. We appreciate your reactions and don’t want to hurt anybody personally, but the way of expressing yourselves in the comments is exactly what’s meant in the blogpost. Thanks for making that clear 🙂

    My Chemical Romance does not want to be associated with the suicide, but is reacting at the same time on the issue. Why should they?

  13. my chemical romance are a bunch of crybabies. i toured with them and all they fucking did was whine all day. grow the fuck up.

  14. who stole ur fuckin brain?!
    do u have mental problems?!
    mcr’s lyrics encorage life and ppl like u drive ppl 2 commit suicide. music is a refuge for everyone it dosent drive u ova the edge!
    ppl that say shit about otha ppls likes drive ppl ova the edge!

  15. i was reading about something like this in kerrang magazine, and to be honest, its complete and utter crap to blame my chemical romance, and im sure they wouldnt want anything to do with it..
    have you not heard the lyrics to famous last words?
    *i am not afraid to keep on living?*
    exactly. and if i get down, i listen to music cos it helps me relax and cheers me up, and not make me want to commit suicide. so you cant blame them at all. they are awesome.

    also, i dont see why emo has a bad name to it? there is nothing wrong aith them at all!

  16. If life ain’t just a joke (LA LA LA LA LA!)
    Then why are we laughing? (LA LA LA LA LA LA!)
    If life ain’t just a joke (LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!)
    Then why are we laughing?
    If life ain’t just a joke (LA LA LA LA LA!)
    Then why are we laughing? (LA LA LA LA LA LA!)
    If life ain’t just a joke (LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!)
    Then why am I dead?

  17. mcr is the best band ever! and whoever says otherwise is just stupid! that kid who killed himself must have been pretty sad 2 kill himself. life is hard enough without people sayin, ‘ure a freak!’ and, ‘ ure hairs wierd!’ people shudnt b judged ust because they look different! and hasnt any1 ever heard of the word RESPECT?!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hey guys,,, relax… We respect you for being different and having your opinion.
    Let us say we don’t like My Chemical Romance or any other band, then you can say you’re not sharing that opinion. Saying we are stupid doesn’t make any sence at all.
    And that’s exactly where you emo’s are blamed for. Just hating everybody not sharing the same opinion.

  19. Your so mean! MCR is wonderful! <33 One of my favouritebands… I’m wearing a shirt with them right now, acctually.
    And guess what? Me and all their other fans are STILL ALIVE!
    The guy may have had problems, but he would most definitly not commit suicide because of MCR! :O That’s just noncense…
    MCR is wonderful, and so are all the other “emo”people.

  20. How dare you people call emos. If we wanna be emo we will,, ther is no law against stoping us. I fukin love my chemical romance and i always have and guess what im still alive. You are just bashing emos to make yourselfs look big, well to tell you the truth is you bash emos or anyone who is different then you need to seriously get a life you sad twats. I dont appericate some small minded person saying i have a silly haircut if i wanna fukin do my hair like this then i will. And maybe that kid who commited suicide was mess up and had problems of his own and that has no reason to say my chemical romance did it!I mean its pathetic who ever said that needs to look past the music! Emos are indiviuals thats how we express our selfs just because we dont go around with make up so think you could bake it and wearing short skirt it doesnt mean you can publically bash us!WE ARE DIFFERENT,ACCEPT IT!WERE NOT THE ONES WITH THE PROBLEM YOU ARE!

  21. All you people that hate something you call “emo” can die…
    Emo is only musik, not a lifestyle..
    “Emos” cant cut theirselves in the arms, they are’nt unhappy and doesn’t ware black clothes.. If you want to call them something.. Than its Fashioncore!
    Go find a wordbook,,..

  22. we don’t laugh at emo’s cuz their haircuts or clothes are different. we laugh at them cuz they are so lame… emo is a copy of goth. only, the emo’s like music which is kinda mainstream and pop-like, and that’s okay, but it’s just pathetic and annoying when they post pictures of themselves “crying” and saying “omg my life like totally sucks! my mom and dad owns a house, we’re a happy family and I go to a perfectly fine school. I have such a hard life!”
    people on the other side of the globe are starving! under adducated! when you’ve been so lucky, that everything have been handed to you on a silver plate, then STOP COMPLAINING!
    – and spare me of that “not all of us is spoiled kids”-arguments, cuz if you ever had to work hard to get some money, just to stay in school, you would’nt spend it on makeup and hairspray.

  23. Why does people need to push themselves and others into groups…please make choices for yourself. Emo is everything; art, music, kids, … and have nothing to do with some sort of musicstyle. If people who make jazz or hardcore are not emotional…
    I love bands who are ’emo’ in the early days like rite of spring/fugazi, but mcr have nothing to do with emo!! It’s fashion-core. And suicide…get a life and talk about your problems!!

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