Metallica, mwah.

Not only Metallica covers Metallica.

At the moment I’m watching Pinkpop at tv. Metallica built the studio from Stichting Anger in Landgraaf for rehearsals and for a fee of 1,5 million euro they are promoting their new album and they get the airplay for their new songs. Hey, this one sounds like One. Hey, this one sounds like Enter Sandman. Maybe Jan Smeets can call Artilla Bookings for next year. He books Imitallica. Without the firework, but much cheaper.


Fashion nazi’s

fashion nazi\'shorrible

Black milk is a new fashion brand. They describe it as “Edgy, urban and skinny” and even support Amnesty International. Talking about skinny…. Black Milk are also the famous first two words of Todesfuge by the Paul Celan. He survived concentration camp and wrote one of the most intens poems ever, describing the horror of genocide. It’s disgusting that Bijenkorf which was started by Jews which were forced by the nazi’s to sell their company, sells this kind of crap.

Read the Dutch translation of the poem here and read the original here.