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On the 16th of November the top of the international free electronics will engage with the best of the free jazz players. This night in Den Bosch’s W2 and Artis venues is all about analog and digital, creating and recreating, about collaborations that study the core of music and it’s experience.

Melody re:created – Machinefabriek vs. Simon Nabatov
Dutch electronic artist Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuyderveldt) wil be working together with Russian pianist Simon Nabatov. Nabatov is not really known for small gestures, but is a powerful player with an impressive stature. Before their performance they will examine if there is any crossover in their approach to music. Will Simon end up playing Machinefabriek’s drone work? Or will Rutger get down with the modern composed?

Rhythm re:created – Electric Kettle vs. Morten Nottelmann
In breakcore and modern electronics, rhythmic sample use is pushed to the limits. Superfast and pitched drumbreaks get cut and paste treatment to reflect the madness in modern day life. Morten Nottelmann, a Danish drummer who works in the field of free jazz and free rock, together with Electric Kettle, one of the leading artists in breakcore, will examine if the technology is subhuman or superhuman. Top notch rhythmic research.

Vision re:created – Staplerfahrer vs. Four Wall Projections
Steffan de Turck, aka Staplerfahrer, presents an installation in which the simple image of waving treetops gets transformed into a slight stuttering spectacle on four walls, backed by his music, the base of the installation. The sound of rustling leaves gets treated and unhinged from the image, giving a slight surreal touch to the totality of the presentation.

Afterwards there is a show of Rioteer vs. Autonon, two artists who are among the top of Dutch experimental music and breakcore. Both released their debut records last year and got rave reviews all over the world. There’s also musical backing by Sah Selecter (Wirwar & Crackbeats), one of the finest dj’s in the field today.

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November Music and Nest present:

Machinefabriek vs. Simon Nabatov
Electric Kettle vs. Morten Nottelmann
Rioteer vs. Autonon
Sah Selecter

16 november 2007

W2 Den Bosch / Artis Den Bosch – //
Aanvang: 20.30
Entree: €7,50 (Presale on Ticketmaster) //