Duizenddichter verklaart voor ZXZW

Duizenddichter Berend Willem Hietbrink – bekend van onder meer Man Bijt Hond en het boek ‘Kwispelen met taal’- verklaart speciaal voor independent culture festival ZXZW diverse namen van bands, zalen en muziekgenres.

ZXZW bezocht de uit Maastricht afkomstige kunstenaar in zijn atelier/woning in Amsterdam.

In diverse afleveringen, die op Youtube en Myspace zullen worden vertoond, legt Hietbrink de betekenis van namen uit, met als principe dat elk woord afstamt van het Nederlands.

De afleveringen zullen te zien zijn op het Youtube kanaal van ZXZW, te vinden op youtube.com/zxzwtilburg en de video sectie op de Myspace van ZXZW.
Vrijwel dagelijks zal een nieuwe uitleg van de Duizenddichter worden toegevoegd. De eerste video zal zeer spoedig te zien zijn!

Veel kijkplezier!


The Locust contest result

In our recent newsletter we announced a Locust contest. Thanks to record label Epitaph we were able to give away some copies of the latest album of The Locust called ‘New Erections’. One of the winners really draw our attention with his motivation for why we should give him a copy and we’d like to share it with you:

'New Erections' cover“The reason why you should give me the album is because of the insanity I am about to commit when The Locust reaches my ears. These guys sure know how to take a normal person and mold him into a maniac killer machine. I probably killed like 56 people, just to get to more copies of The Locust material. A month ago I even started to collect several rare kinds of locusts, just to remind me of the bands’ name and its superiority. With all these insects and dead bodies around, one starts to wonder. It seems I have no clean copy of any of The Locust albums or EPs, they are all drenched in some kind of blood or locust goo. That´s about the only thing that sucks about being a sick bastard. So please, release me from this sticky mess, and get me that fresh New Erections I long so very very much. You may just be the one person to stop the killing, inspired by this post-apocalyptic blastnoise dronecore math experience… Gimme!”

More giveaway contests will be announced in the following newsletters, so become a member of our newsletter at www.zxzw.nl if you want to have the chance to receive presents and if you want us to keep you informed about the latest news considering our festival.

Thanx Edwin!

The city of Tilburg strives to become one of the cultural capitals of The Netherlands. To realise that, they decided to hire what they call a “cultural broker” (cultuurmakelaar in Dutch). Edwin Jacobs, former director of the Museum Jan Cunen in Oss, was the man for the job. He started out a year and a half ago, and had a clear view on how to bring different cultural parties in the city together. This view was not uncontroversial, since a lot of the older cultural parties in town felt ignored or just didn’t agree with his view at all.

ZXZW, as one of the new players in the cultural field of Tilburg, owes Edwin a great amount of gratitude though. We knocked on his door about 6 months ago, just to talk a bit, and see what was his view on our festival. Soon, Edwin turned out to be a really good soundboard, and inspired us to develop different ideas, which we probably wouldn’t have thought of ourselves, or worked out completely different.

Therefor, with this blogpost, we would like to thank Edwin bigtime for his input on the festival. Financially, but even more important, conceptually. We wish him the best of luck on his new job as director of Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden. “You can get the man out of the museum, but you can’t get the museum out of the man!”

The Brabants Dagblad published an interesting article about Edwin last saturday. Click here to read it!