Smoke Cell

Visual artist Luc Tuymans created an installation for a museum. You can smoke there.


[Dutch] check de website Avontuurlijke Muziek

Een tijd geleden is op initiatief van BraM, een belangenorganisatie voor Brabantse Muziek, de website “AvontuurlijkeMuziek” in het leven geroepen. Deze site is een samenwerking van een 12 tal podia, die allen avontuurlijke muziek in de ruimste zin van het woord programmeren. Het zijn nog niet zozeer de poppodia, maar wel enkele klassieke en jazzpodia als Paradox Tilburg, De Toonzaal in Den Bosch, daarnaast festivals als het Zuid Nederlands Impro Festival (ZNIF, Eindhoven), en organisaties als November Music.

Doel van de site is avontuurlijke programmering in de hedendaags gecomponeerde en jazzscene beter onder de aandacht te brengen van een groot publiek. Dit gebeurt door middel van acties, prijsvragen, kortingen etc. Check de site daarom zo af en toe eens, en doe er je voordeel mee. De nieuwssectie wordt wekelijks geupdate, ook daar zijn allerlei wetenswaardigheden op het gebied van avontuurlijke muziek te vinden.

Steve Albini says: stay independent!

The Problem With Music by Steve Albini

Whenever I talk to a band who are about to sign with a major label, I always end up thinking of them in a particular context. I imagine a trench, about four feet wide and five feet deep, maybe sixty yards long, filled with runny, decaying shit. I imagine these people, some of them good friends, some of them barely acquaintances, at one end of this trench. I also imagine a faceless industry lackey at the other end holding a fountain pen and a contract waiting to be signed. Nobody can see what’s printed on the contract. It’s too far away, and besides, the shit stench is making everybody’s eyes water. The lackey shouts to everybody that the first one to swim the trench gets to sign the contract. Everybody dives in the trench and they struggle furiously to get to the other end. Two people arrive simultaneously and begin wrestling furiously, clawing each other and dunking each other under the shit. Eventually, one of them capitulates, and there’s only one contestant left. He reaches for the pen, but the Lackey says “Actually, I think you need a little more development. Swim again, please. Backstroke”. And he does of course.

You can read the rest at this website: 

Bloody Honkies

Yesterday went to De Effenaar. The Robocop Kraus were quite cool, like a German version of Gang of Four. The Subs sucked. Wacky beats. They sounded like a techno version of Soulwax on even more coke. Dj Feadz (from Uffie) played afterwards. He rocked with a cool mix of nu-rave and hiphop.

Also Bloody Honkies played. While Iggy played at Pinkpop they started their set with a cover version from The Stooges. Band lesson number one: Never show where you influence comes from in the first song. They also treated the Effenaar crew not nice. Band lesson number two: Be nice to the people who are working at the venue. Bloody Honkies will also play at our festival. Hope it will be better, cause normally they rock.