current situation:

Thinkin of a master plan
Cuz ain’t nuthin but sweat inside my hand.


Since I (Frank) have a Master in Biology, it made me think when I heard that ZXZW “creates form and is a new organism, that focusses on mutant intermorphs”…..maybe, what the person in question tried to say was that ZXZW is giving shape (creates  form) to a new sort of festival (organism) that focusses on deviant or changing (mutant) forms of art that interfere with eachother (intermorphs)…..? Who knows. Feel free to sent me your interpretation on this quote……


2007 is gonna be a blast!

hey everybody,

wow, we’re working on so much cool stuff right now, I don’t know where to start! let it just be said that we are slowly branching out into the world of film, art and literature as well and all in the typical ZXZW style 🙂

It kinda sucks to not have our buddies Lex & Ries aboard, but they will still let us know about cool bands they come across and we need to have on the festival. Times change you know, and people prioretise accordingly. That’s cool though and we know they will still kick our asses if the line-up is below par.

We’ve got some great bands playing here in 2007, cant drop any names yet, but it will again be an eclectic mix of punk, metal, noise, electronic, pop, singer/songwriter, breakcore and the plain weird. stay tuned to this blog…

they drew…..first blog….

hey all, this is the first update of the new ZXZW blog. through this blog we will keep you posted on all the things that we are doing with the ZXZW festival, 2007. The festival itself is going to change a good bit, we are broadening our horizons, so expect a lot of new stuff the coming weeks. as allready stated in the first press release, the festival itself is going to take place on september 22nd and 23rd, ofcourse in Tilburg again!

There have been a few changes since last years edition, the major change being Ries and Alex quitting the organization. They both stated to no longer have the time to fully focus on the organization of ZXZW, so they decided to quit. We respect their decision, and thank them for the effords they put in the festival the last two years 

So, with Ries and Alex gone, it was just Vince and Frank left. Fortunately, they got joint by good friend and colleague Joost Heijthuijsen, know for his work the last 6 years for Muzieklab Brabant. He was one of the creative brains of Muzieklab, and initiated projects as “Ringtone Society” and “The New Quartet invites”. For more info on those, please use Google…..;o) Joost is going to be responsible for the financial part of the festival. He is monitoring finances, but also is in charge of writing a decent businessplan, since we had none.

About two weeks after Joost joined the organization of ZXZW, Tom Ketelaar knocked on our door, saying he wanted to join us to do the promotion of the festival. We knew Tom from his work at BraM, an organisation focussed on improving the musical  environment of the Province of Brabant. He did several succesfull projects for BraM, the latest one being the “Popsport” project.

 So with these 2 people, the ZXZW team is once again at full strength, and, to be honest, a bit more professional than the last 2 years. This blog is going to be written by all 4 members of the organization. We hope to you are interested in our writings. See you soon!